Wisconsin School Choice Program

December8, 2017
by Anne Mead

Assumption B.V.M. School has made the choice to enter the Wisconsin School Choice Program.  Mrs. Wilinski and Fr. Patrick have met with the Board of Education, the Parish Council, and the Finance Committee.  Laura Sumner-Coon, program coordinator for WCRIS – Wisconsin Council for Religious and Independent Schools, has been the guest speaker at each of these meetings.  She has shared a wealth of information about the program.  A meeting for school families and the public was held on Monday, November 27, 2017, and Laura was the guest speaker.

It is essential to understand that ABVM School would remain the same Christ-centered learning environment, where small class sizes would continue to embrace a loving family involvement. Our core values will not be altered. The proposal to become a Wisconsin School Choice school is a means of supplementing, not defining, who we are.

The information in the attached PDFs highlights some of the more frequently asked questions.

Informational meeting handout – two page

Response form for interest in WI School Choice program

If you, or another family you know, are interested in joining Assumption B.V.M. School, please return the Response Form by the end of December.  If you have additional questions regarding the program, please check their website at https://schoolchoicewi.org, or call our school office at 920-822-5650.




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