Week of November 6 to 10

November12, 2017
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

We had another wonderful full week of learning!

If your child is in the Silver Knights reading group we reviewed all of the skills we’ve learned so far and were tested on our reading levels. We also practiced partner reading and summarizing the story after every two pages to remind us that we read to both enjoy the book and to understand it. Additionally we started writing in our new reading journals where we will be writing about the stories that we’ve been reading in class: identifying the type of genre it is, author’s purpose,  new key terms, and taking notes of any of our many other reading skills. It should be a helpful way to help your child practice slowing down as they read to better understand the story. Remind your child to keep tracking their reading times outside of school on their reading calendar. We will be doing our monthly reading incentive at the end of the month.

In math, we have been continuing to work on our multiplication and division facts for x 2,4,5, and 10s facts. Please keep practicing them at home. They are a lot better at their multiplication  then their division, but they still need practice understanding them through stories and pictures. I have awesome mats that we use in school if you ever want to borrow them. We also practiced identifying fractions in multiple ways (shapes, number lines, and bar lines).  We finished taking our module four test on Friday and will start working on x0, x1, and x8 facts, as well as, 2- and  3-digit subtraction.

In science we each picked a different ecosystem to research and create. The students first used our awesome new chrome computers to research where their ecosystem was in the world, the types of plants and animals that live there, the weather/water fall that occurs, and random facts about it. They then started building their ecosystems on Friday. They will hopefully finish on Monday and start typing up their reports to present to the class by Tuesday.

In religion, we focused our attention on how to teach the rest of the school about our word of the month word: missionary. I started them out by asking them what the base word mission means which they told me was to have a job to do. Then we talked about who might have put us on a mission and they all quickly came up with God. I then had them complete a four square about who God was to them, how we can learn more about God, how we show others that we are christian, and how we can show others that we are Christian beyond through our actions. We then talked about how God ignited a light within each of us and how it is our mission to ignite the light within everyone we come across. We put this all into a PowerPoint, had each student in the school fill out a candle of how they show others they are christian and at the end we all sang Go Light Your World by Chris Rice to remind all of us that we are on a mission from God to share his word, spread his love, and help one another out each day. 

New this week, the students will be having Spanish on Mondays and Fridays for 30 minutes each day. What a wonderful new learning experience for all of our kiddos! I’m sure you won’t even need to ask them about the new vocabulary and activities they  will be learning because they’ll be so excited to share it with you each day.

Remember to keep signing your child’s Friday journal. They love reading your responses back to them! Plus they love knowing that you have homework just like them.

Have a fantastic week!

Shelly Stodola

Third Grade

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