Week 3 in Third Grade!

September28, 2017
by Michelle Stodola
We had another great week in third grade! 
     In reading we read a story called A Fine, Fine School. In it the principal, Mr. Keene, loved school so much and was so happy with all of the learning that was going on that he wanted it every day of the year! I can tell you no body in the story nor reading it liked that idea at all. It wasn’t until Tillie told him of all the learning that wasn’t going on with her little brother and her dog Bean that Mr. Keene realized all the learning that happens both in and out of school. Overall it was a pretty funny story. 
     In social studies we learned about immigrants and why they move to a new country. We also learned about Ellis Island and all of the things that an immigrant had to go through to be allowed in.  We reenacted being on the boat ride over where two of my friends were rich and had lots of room on the top of the boat to move around, whereas the rest of my friends were confined to a tiny little square to try and feel comfortable in. I then gave them a citizenship test and told them that it would be easy because they knew all of the answers. Of course, I left out the fact that it was in another language, which many immigrants would have faced coming over. Some of the kiddos were really annoyed of all of the obstacles I put them through but I told them that these were true problems, feelings, and experiences that immigrants would have faced when trying to gain a better life. Despite their initial annoyance, I know most of the kids really enjoyed it. 
     In math we finished module 1 and are moving on to number 2. So far, we are working on seeing patterns when adding by the same number and adding in multi-step word problems. Next, we will move on to telling time to the minute. I may be sending home mini clocks with your child to further practice this skill at home.  
Some things to know for this upcoming week: 


  •      We will be taking our MAPS reading and math tests on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Have your child get a good night’s rest, great breakfast, and leave them with some encouraging words   to just do their best. The test in no way quantifies your child’s individuality – their uniqueness, abilities, skills, or specialness. It can only help you and I as their teachers to guide them on what they may need more help on academically. But they are more then their academics!
  •      We also lead Mass this week. If you can make it on Thursday we would love to see you! 
  •      No school Friday! 
Our spelling words this week are: spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, invite, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame, life, rule
Third Grade

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