Third and Fourth Grade Yellow

Third & Fourth Grade Yellow Blog

October17, 2019
by Chelsea Curley

Einstein Kit Fun!

This Science unit, we are talking about motion and collisions using an Einstein kit. Students so far have been performing experiments that teach them about friction, motion, collisions, and force. In

Third and Fourth Yellow

October14, 2019
by Chelsea Curley

Having a Little Fun!

With all the rain we have been getting, students were getting a little antsy from having indoor recess for so long. To give students a break from their hard work, I gave them 10 minutes to take a brai

Third and Fourth Yellow

October4, 2019
by Chelsea Curley

Haunted House Arrays

To get ready for Halloween and to practice making math arrays, students made spooky haunted houses with windows to represent our arrays! This project included art, making arrays, and writing an equati

Third and Fourth Yellow

September27, 2019
by Chelsea Curley

Landform Projects

Students got to share their landform projects from social studies this week, students were so excited to share what they learned and made their slideshows about with their classmates! Each student had

Third and Fourth Yellow

September13, 2019
by Chelsea Curley

Look Who Got Caught Reading!

Students have been hard at work during silent reading time, they have books they’re interested in and are great at staying on task and making notes to help them remember the story better as they go!


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