The Blessed Virgin Mary Has Arrived!

November28, 2016
by Anne Mead

The Assumption BVM School Marketing Committee created a new logo and brand for our school, together with artist and ABVM Alum Sue Simoens (Schuh), and window etcher and ABVM Alum Kevin Adams. This window was funded through the window drive at the Classic Dinner and Auction.

Fr. Patrick will do a special Blessing & Dedication ceremony on Wednesday, November 30 at 8:15 a.m. outside our front entrance.  You are welcome to join us.

What do the Symbols of our NEW LOGO represent?

  • The stars represent the holy, heavenly mother and the Nativity.
  • The airy white of Mary represents the uplifting, and Assumption Mary’s sleeves look like an open book for learning.
  • Her arms show open palms for the welcoming aspect of ABVM.
  • She is also embracing the three children which are representative of the Learn, Love and Live, as well as lighted candles.
  • The logo is in the shape of a triangle to represent the Holy Trinity.
  • The logo embodies the welcoming, family environment that encourages everyone to learn, love and live in Christ.



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