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Assumption BVM School relies on funding from all different sources. We receive a variety of school supplies through donation, including copier paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. On occasion we also receive used computers. Check out all of the ways in which you can help our school provide the best in teachers, technology and spiritual education for your children.

Support Programs

The funds raised through Box Tops, Aluminum Can Kennel, and the Ink Cartridge & Cell Phone Program support field trips and school assemblies for our students.


Individuals can purchase $CRIP gift cards through our program from business participants, and a percentage of the gift card is donated to our school.  This is a great way to earn money toward your Third Source Funding or School Tuition with purchases you already make, like groceries, gas, household items, etc.  Look at the example to the left for what you might spend in one month.  (See Image)

In this example, you would earn $32.50 in one month. If you multiply this by 9 months, you would earn $292.50 toward Third Source Funding. If you apply it to School Tuition, you would have earned $292.50 for the following year.

$CRIP can be purchased by sending a completed form with payment to school with your child, at the parish office, and at any of the weekend masses.

$CRIP Info Letter$CRIP Order Form

Box Top Program

Earn money for our school without buying anything extra.  Find and clip Box Tops off products like General Mills cereals and snacks, Kleenex brand tissues, Lysol products, Ziploc bags, and many more.  

We earn $.10 per Box Top collected and to-date, we have received over $25,000.  Check this link to find hundreds of participating products.

Participating Products
Box Tops for Education

Aluminum Can Kennel

Collect aluminum cans and bag them, then drop them off at our Aluminum Can Kennel, located at the corner of our school & church parking lot, 109 E Pulaski St.  Remember, every little bit counts.

aluminum cans for assumption bvm school

Ink Cartridge Recycling
Cell Phone Recycle

Ink Cartridge & Cell Phone Program

Collect used ink cartridges and old cell phones, then drop them off in the school office to earn money for our school.