Registration Rules

Due to an unforeseen program not being quite ready for our online registration process on our new school website, it will be necessary for families to PRINT each child’s registration after completing the Online Registration Form and before clicking Submit Form.  Once you proceed to the next page, do the following.


  1. Enter the information requested on the Assumption B.V.M. School Registration Form.
  2. PRINT a copy of the information.
  3. Click Submit Form to receive your confirmation. If you forget to Print before you click Submit Form, use your browser’s Back button to go back to the form.
  4. Include a check for the $50 registration fee per child (not to exceed $100 per family) made payable to: Assumption BVM School.
  5. Mail the registration form(s) and fee(s) to:


Assumption BVM School
109 E Pulaski St
Pulaski, WI  54162


If you prefer, you can drop it off in our school office, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  You can also drop it in our outside mailbox on the right wall just outside our front entrance.


Note:  If you have more than one child, repeat steps 1-3.


Proceed to the link below if you have read and understand this procedure.