PE Progress Reports Q1

November20, 2017
by Andrew Wright

Hello Parents, On your child’s progress report you will see a letter distinguishing the mark that they received for the following categories in Physical Education class.

K-2: Skill, Fitness, Social Responsibility

Skills we worked on in Quarter 1…. Spatial awareness, Pathways, Levels, Tossing, Throwing overhand, Rolling, and Catching. Fitness includes effort during fit 15 as well as in class. Social responsibility includes be safe, being respectful, and being responsible.

3-5:Skills, Fitness ,Social Participation, Behavior

Skills we worked on Cooperative games, Throwing, Rolling, Fitness concepts, Striking with hands. Fitness includes effort during fit 15 as well as in class. Social participation includes being respectful of others and working cooperatively within teams or groups. Behavior includes being responsible of tasks in class and being responsible for your actions in class

I will include a post each quarter with the skills that we worked on in class.


Andy Wright


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