Our Second Week!

September17, 2017
by Michelle Stodola

We had a great second week of school! We started out the week learning a little more about 9/11 and how we need to be supportive and caring for one another despite our differences in color, language, or religion. We also talked about how communities come together in times of need like in Hurricanes’ Harvey and Irma and do what we can to help one another out. We talked about all of the people that risk their lives to help others and we decided to write letters to the Pulaski Police Department showing them that we appreciate all that they do in keeping us safe. The third graders would like to thank all service members, firefighters, police, emergency personal, and everyday citizens that help make our world a better place. Thank you!

We then reviewed what a community is and the three types that can be commonly found throughout the world which are rural, suburban, and urban. We sorted the different buildings, animals, and people that can be found in each community and realized that many of these things  can be found in each of them but in much different quantities. We then picked one and created riddles for each other that we will share next week. Next week we will start learning more about why people move to different communities (and countries) and at the end of the week they will be taking an immigration test to see if they can enter their new country.

In religion we reviewed the creation story where we each took a day in creation and drew a picture of it. We also talked about the importance of the trinity and how we were each made in God’s image – making us the most blessed of God’s creatures and giving us the responsibility to care for God’s creation, not only for the plants and animals but with fellow humans as well. We then shared ideas of what we can say and do for each other in our school community to build one another up.

In math, we are working on mastering our x5 and x10 facts and learning to count/write numbers in the thousands. We will be finishing up module 1 this week. Some things you can practice at home include – playing a few games of math fact war (+,- , or x5s/10s), letting them count your spare change, and practicing your own “quick draw” game on the side walk where you go up against your third grader on any addition/subtraction problem. Whoever wins gets to write the next problem.

Have a great week!

Third Grade

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