On the first week of advent…

December10, 2017
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

This week we received a kindness elf in our classroom! She left us a note about the importance of Christmas as a time to give. She has been giving us a random act of kindness assignment each day to help us get into the true meaning of Christmas. This week it was give a compliment to someone, greet 5 people, and write a nice note thanking the wonderful cafeteria ladies. The students are super psyched to find out what their next assignment will be 🙂

In Silver Knights we read the story The Kamaishabai Man. In it the main character goes back to his old village to share his gift of storytelling with them once again. We talked a lot about cause and effect and we made connections with things that we’ve learned about from our grandparents and parents when they told us about “the good old days.” Share some stories with your child about your good old days. I’m sure they would love to hear them! In grammar we learned about concrete versus abstract nouns, and we reviewed capitalization in titles, names, and street addresses. We also practiced using a dictionary to identify a words parts of speech and its meaning based on a sentence. In writing we finished up writing our Great Christmas Fiasco stories and shared them on Friday.

In math we’ve been continuing to work on mastering our math facts and solving multiplication word problems. We also started working on reading graphs and seeing how the information changes when they are in bar form vs. a line plot. We touched a little on mean, median, and mode but we will do this more next semester when they return after break.

In science we finished up learning about producers and consumers by identifying them in our biomes with a partner. We then identified the animals as herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores and created food chains from magazine clippings. We then moved on to learning about our health and how we can keep our bodies strong and safe this flu season. We talked about how bodies needs and how we can stop the spread of germs.

In religion we learned about the advent season and how it is a time for giving. We created advent wreaths and decorated our first candle – hope. We also learned that we have each been giving a job from God to carry out Jesus’s work here on earth and we shared ways we each can do this at home, school, and in our community.

God bless and have a wonderful week,


Third Grade

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