October 9 to 13

October14, 2017
by Michelle Stodola
Hi Parents,
     What a great week of school! We have started working on our fluency through singing. The song we used this week was “Down by the Bay.” While singing it we also reviewed antonyms, synonyms, and singular and plural words. The children also couldn’t help but create some unique verses of their own 🙂
     If your child is in the silver shield group in reading we read the story Pop’s Bridge. It was an exciting story about the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Ask your child all about it. We also read the informational text Bridges and practiced comparing and contrasting both stories. We are continuing our narrative stories and will be creating narrative maps to make sure that we are including all of the parts of a narrative – characters, setting, details with our senses (what you may see, hear, smell, and feel), a clear problem, and a solution. Have fun with your child at home and write a narrative story together that they can bring in and share with the class.
     In math we have been working on drawing arrays for our x2 and x4 facts and have been writing multiplication sentences based on a shopping story. For example, I went to the store and bought 10 toy cars for $5 each. How much did I pay? 10 x 5 = $50  Try some at home with your child. Next week I am going to mix it up to include a variety of addition, subtraction, and multiplication stories so that the children really have to think about which symbol to use and how to solve it. Remember to help your child practice their x 2, 4, 5, and 10s facts at home.
     In science we continued to review the parts and needs of plants and made observations on our plants. We’ve also moved on to learning about animal adaptations. We started by comparing plants needs with animal needs and we learned that there are two major groups of animals, those with vertebrates (backbones) and those who are invertebrates (without backbones). We practiced our note taking skills to figure out what types of animals fit into each category. We also learned about animal life cycles and how even though they all may be slightly different they are all very similar too. We read about and/or watched videos on the life cycles of mammals, butterflies, frogs, and chickens. We then talked about what traits are and how animals inherit many traits from their parents. The kids had a lot of fun reviewing and completing experiments on last years vocabulary of camouflage, mimicry, migration, and hibernation.
     In religion, we reviewed the Trinity and how God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three persons in one God, which is a mystery in our faith that we believe in. We also learned the new word incarnation which is when God became man. We read about St. Patrick and completed a craft on the three leaf clover which St. Patrick believed represented the trinity. Finally, we learned about the word creed and practiced praying the Apostles Creed.
Don’t forget to sign your child’s Friday journal and remind your kiddo to bring it back by Friday. They truly love seeing what you have to say back to them 🙂
Also, Monday we are going on a field trip to see a play on Sleepy Hallow. Please make sure your child wears their school shirt that day and brings a cold lunch.
Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to have fun reading!
Third Grade

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