October 2 to October 6

October8, 2017
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

We had another great week!

In reading class we read the story Destiny’s Gift. We practiced the reading strategy of understanding characters. We also practiced identifying text features (headings, photographs, maps, and captions) in nonfiction stories. The kids were very good at creating antonyms this week and they even played a clue game in- and outside of the classroom that dealt with changing a highlighted word in a given clue to its antonym in order to find the next clue. The students had a lot of fun!

    In math, we’ve been working on finding time to the nearest minute and we practiced telling time as 

               ______minutes past ___ and     _____minutes to _________.      This is a very new concept for the kiddos so please practice this skill at home. If you need a clock let me know. We also practiced identifying special quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes). We learned more about what makes a square a square and a rectangle a rectangle, as well as, what a  rhombus is. There’s so much new vocabulary! At home try to find and talk about any of the special quadrilaterals mentioned earlier and 90 degree angles you may find around the house/neighborhood. It would be a fun and educational activity to do this rainy weekend 🙂 We’ll of course continue to work on these throughout the year.

    For science, we reviewed the needs, parts, and stages of life of plants. We are currently growing some beans and some various other plants to learn more about germination. We also completed an experiment about how seeds scatter in order to grow in various areas. We acted like the wind to blow our seeds away, water that flows them down the river, and wild animals that carry them in their fur. Finally, we learned that plants haven’t always been the same, some are even extinct! We talked about how plants from long ago break down and leave an impression in rocks that tell scientists nowadays how they used to look. We didn’t get a chance to make our own “fossil leaf” impressions, but we will on Monday. 

     In religion, we learned a lot about Mary. October is one of the months we celebrate Mary, not only as the mother of God, but as our own mother here on Earth. We learned about the Visitation, where when Mary was visiting Elizabeth, St. John the Baptist inside Elizabeth’s womb jumped for joy from being in the presence of God. We also learned that Elizabeth’s greeting to Mary are the same words we use when praying the Hail Mary. We talked a lot about how our families support and care about us and how we should support each other. 

Most of your children haven’t had much homework from me so far, but please make sure you stay on top of your child’s reading each night. They should be reading about 20 minutes each night.  They can always borrow a book from the classroom if they need some new reading materials. It is soooooooo important in their vocabulary development, understanding of the world around them, and discovery of new things they otherwise may not experience. Feel free to read with them and just have fun!

We will be moving on to x2 and x4 facts. When you multiply by 2 you simply double the number you are multiplying. When multiplying by 4 you double the number you are multiplying by, then double it again. So 7 x 4 = 7 doubled = 14, 14 doubled = 28. Your child should have their x5 and x10 facts mastered.

Third Grade

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