November Health Tip of the Month

November9, 2017
by Anne Mead

Have your family help create a list of favorite meals with important details like cook time, ingredients, cookbook, etc.  Each week, your family can choose the meals they want to eat for the week, and a grocery list will be easy to create.  This should help avoid last minute and repetitive meals!  Please share your family meal ideas and pictures with Assumption BVM School!  ~Health and Wellness Committee

Meal Ideas submitted by Tricia Kelnhofer and Pam Grygiel

Tricia Kelnhofer – Your family chooses one meal and one side per day of the week.  Then you can make your grocery list for the week.  See the first photo.

Pam Grygiel – I go shopping every two weeks to buy what I need for the meals that I have planned for those two weeks.  I choose my meals from my meal list that our family has created.  New meals are added when I find a new recipe.  See photos 2-4.

Remember ~ Click the square in the middle of the photo to see the full picture.


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