May 7 to May 11

May13, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

In the Silver Knights the students are reading biographies about a famous person of their choice and taking notes about important events in their lives, accomplishments they’ve made, and interesting facts about them. They will start writing up their own biographies about their famous person this week. We also completed a few quizzizes online to help us get ready for the Maps reading tests and reviewed other important vocabulary we should know by the end of third grade. The kiddos all did awesome on their maps test and I am very proud of all of their hard work that they continue to put in as we get closer and closer to summer!

In math we have moved on to our last module of the book where we have been working on determining area and perimeters of odd shapes. We’ve also been working on identifying the area and perimeter of a shape with unknown sides.  The kiddos have truly become math masters of our content so far! Additionally we got outside and reviewed past vocabulary and problems with chalk. Feel free to test them on some math problems outside at home on your sidewalk or in your driveway. They’ll have a lot of fun showing you all that they know 🙂 As you know we also completed our math maps this week and the kiddos all did their best and it showed! Bravo to them!

In science we continued working on learning about motion and design by getting multiple opportunities to just have fun and build with our materials. We also practiced drawing out our designs from a top view and level view, making sure we label each piece on our vehicle accurately. As for experiment day we took bags filled with water outside and saw what happened when you pierced them with a sharp skewer. We learned that if you stuck the bag awkwardly and too fast, it popped a hole in the bag that caused a leak, but if you were precise and gentle, the bag didn’t leak. The kiddos had fun seeing how many skewers they could poke through their bag without it leaking and it was quite a few!

In religion we are starting to review the sacraments. This week we focused on the Sacraments of Initiation which are Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. They are when either our parents or ourselves are telling God, “yes, we believe in you and yes, we want to share your word with others!” We also got outside on Thursday with the second graders to read and share our favorite Bible stories with for our ABC countdown. It was really nice to learn and listen about God out in nature where many of us can experience him best!

Friendly reminder, our school concert is on Thursday at 6. Please have your child here by about 5:40 so we can get them all ready for the show. They will need to wear black pants with black shoes and their school spirit shirt. If you have any questions you can direct them to Mrs. Ludtke.

Have a wonderful week,


Third Grade

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