May 21st to May 25th

May25, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

We had a great week filled with a lot of fun-filled learning. Quick note, we lead Mass this week. As always if you can come, we would love to see you there!

In the Silver Knights we read The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman. It is a lovely story about an Uncle who misses his niece and decides to build her a wooden man to go visit her for him. Along the way Oliver stops in many different unique spots across the United States and gets a lot of help from those around him. Ask your child how Oliver’s journey ends up? Does he make it? We also worked on writing possessive nouns by putting things that were ours like a pencil, notebook, backpack, or water bottle  onto our desk and learning how to add an apostrophe to our name to show others that it was ours – so Ms. Stodola’s marker. We also practiced identifying possessives on random objects around the room and labeling them as the chair’s leg or the math book’s problems. In writing we started working on poetry and began by going around the room writing down compliments to one anther. We then turned them into I am poems from ideas that we think about ourselves and what others think about us. We also worked on writing  acrostic and cinquain poems. We’ll continue our poetry next week.

In social studies we continued learning about government by talking about our role as citizens which is to have a voice in government and voting, paying taxes, obeying the laws, and improving our communities through charity work and community clean-ups.  We also talked about the different levels of government which are local, state, and national and identified our major leaders at each level. The students did pretty well remembering  Governor Scott Walker and President Trump. We then reviewed the branches of government from last year by watching a brainpop video on it and completing a flip chart on the three branches – the legislative  who make the laws, the executive who carry out the laws, and the judicial who determine if we are following the laws or not.  I then gave the students an internet search task to complete about the three branches. They did great!

In science we finished up learning about the different ways to design a vehicle and how they affect its’ movement. We learned about rubber band energy and practiced tying a rubber band around the wheels to wind it up and see how it moves. The more we wound the rubber band around the axle the further it went. We also tried designing a vehicle with a sail and learned that sails provide wind resistance which causes them to slow down. Finally on Friday we had individual building time where I challenged each child to create their own three wheeled vehicle to see whose could go the farthest. They all had a lot of fun and got very creative with it. What wonderful engineers!

Math has been a lot of review of everything we’ve learned so far. We continued to focus on learning how to divide by numbers larger then 10 so please keep practicing their facts over the summer. We also reviewed perimeter and area by block lettering our name onto graph paper, then determining its area and perimeter by counting the squares inside and the squares around it.

In religion we are continuing our work on the Sacraments by learning about and discussing the Sacraments of Communion. We talked about how matrimony is the communion of two people that make a vow to each other to take care of, support, and love one another. We also talked about the Sacrament of Holy Orders which is when a man becomes a deacon, priest, or bishop by committing their life to God by teaching others God’s Word. In both cases the individuals serve others.

God bless you all on this Memorial Weekend,


Third Grade

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