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October11, 2019
by Brooke Gonnering

“Just Before” and “Just After”

Today, the students practiced their “Just Before” and “Just After” skills. The students each had to roll the dice, then put that number in the middle column. Next, using the number track or counting,


September26, 2019
by Brooke Gonnering

Visiting Preschool’s Pet Clinic

The students in Mrs. Kelly’s 3 year old preschool were learning about pets and how to take care of them. On their final day of the unit, they created a pet clinic for the whole school to visit. We too

Kindergarten, Pre-school

September23, 2019
by Brooke Gonnering

Math Centers

The Kindergartners have been working with numbers 1 to 10. The math stations we did practiced these numbers and their quantities.


September20, 2019
by Brooke Gonnering


Our math lesson today, was about using yes / no graphs. Each student had their own question to go around and ask their friends. Then they had to graph if their friend yes or no and count the totals.


September18, 2019
by Brooke Gonnering

Morning STREAM Bin Jobs

STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math. I have a variety of bins containing an activity that helps the children grow in one or more area of STREAM. These activities


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