January 15 to 19

January22, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

     This week in the Silver Knights we worked on identifying text features within Technology Wins the Game and explained why they were useful within our story. We also read a book called A Tall Tale Tuesday in which a boy named Manny told a crazy story to his cousin about a weekend fishing trip he had with his dad. We worked on questions within and beyond the text by determining whether we liked Manny’s reasoning behind telling his tall tale and we made connections on if we would have done the same. For grammar we practiced creating synonyms or glossary definitions to words based on clues from a sentence, as well as, continued working on determining the latin root of words and how they change with different prefixes. For writing we worked on creating our opinions on various prompts such as should you get paid to get good grades and what their favorite season was.
     In math we continued working on multi-step addition word problems. We also took a closer look at the x10/x100 rule in multiplication and the kiddos are starting to realize that when you multiple a number by a base 10 number you just plug the zeros behind the number being multiplied.
     In religion we started to work on our preparation for first communion. We reviewed the 7 Sacraments through a game of telestrations which was really fun. The students each got a sacrament, drew a picture of it, then passed it to the next person to guess. When we were done with each, the children had to describe their pictures and why they drew what they drew. We also read more about Jesus’ baptism and his early ministry with how he told Simon Peter and Paul to become fishers of men. We then completed a fishing craft where we wrote our name and the names of all those who are helping us on our journey to first communion onto a fish.  On the backside we wrote down the names of people we can help on our journey know more about Jesus because Jesus wants us all to be fishers of men just like him.
     We didn’t get to social studies this week due to MAPS testing and shifting our schedule around but we will be learning about the regions of the United States for the next two weeks which will be lots of fun!
I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe on those roads!
Shelly Stodola
Third Grade

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