Halloween… All Saints…All Souls oh my

November5, 2017
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

We had a lot of fun events this week! The fifth graders put on a wonderful Halloween party on Tuesday in which the kiddos had a lot of fun seeing everyone’s costumes and playing games with each other. Included are pictures of the third graders playing the games which were lightning, pinning the nose on the witch, playing musical chairs, and playing bean bag toss. They also did their customary wrap the teacher up with toilet paper which I must say I did get slightly nervous when they started wrapping my eyes up and I couldn’t move or see anything. It ended up being a lot of fun too!

In the classroom we had some Halloween fun as well. We estimated the seeds inside of some pumpkins and later decorated them with silly or scary faces. We also played idiom and context clue swat where we were given a sentence with an idiom, or new vocab word, and had to swat a synonym to it. We even got to taste our pumpkin seeds the next day.

We also celebrated All Souls Day on Thursday by walking over to the Pulaski Cemetery to go on a soul search. As we filled in our soul search sheets, we stopped at each grave to say a prayer for those who have died.  May we always be thankful for each day we have and always remember to pray for those who have gone before us.

In reading, if your child is a silver knight we read the story Bat Loves the Night and practiced sequencing. We identified what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story and added details so that our readers can better understand what happened in the story without having to read it. We also practiced the suffixes -ible and -able. In writing we have started writing opinion paragraphs and will continue to work on that this week.

In math, the students have started working on division. Many found it fascinating that multiplication is simply the reverse of division. Realizing this we took the time each day to practice creating fact families of our multiplication and division facts. We should be mastering x2, 4, 5, and 10s facts. Please make sure that are practicing these facts daily. A few minutes each day really works wonders! Even just reciting these facts by counting on (4,8,12,16,…) while in the car ride home or to grandma’s would help. We also started identifying fractions and will be working on adding them later in the  week.

In science, we started talking about ecosystems which are all of the living and nonliving things in an environment that interact with one another. We also learned that some ecosystems share similar weather, animals, and plants even though they span across the 7 continents and that we call these biomes. The major types of biomes are rainforest, artic tundra, desert, grassland, coniferous forest (trees that have pines and cones), and deciduous (trees that lose their leaves), and savanna. This week the students will be focusing on one type of biome and creating a mini environment of what that biome would look like. Ask your child which one they have and see if you can find some toy animals or beanie babies that they may use for their boxes. If you happen to have toy animals or beanie babies that fit any of these environments we would love to borrow them in case another child may need it. I’m excited to see what they learn and come up with!

In religion we read a mini book on what Halloween means in our faith like that the jack-o-lantern can be a symbol of God cleaning out the ucky parts inside of use to help us shine the light of his Word for others and that God blessed us with a place called Purgatory where we have the opportunity to be cleaned fully of our sins and be reunited with God once again. We also talked about the importance of celebrating All Saints and All Souls days. Each child practiced researching a saint of their choice and learned a little bit more about the ordinary lives of the Saints.

This week we lead mass in church. As always, we would love to see you there! Let grandma and grandpa know as well. The children all love sharing in God’s Word with you.

Sorry for the lengthy update! This is what happens when Ms. Stodola skips a two-day week and adds it to this week’s update 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Third Grade

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