First Week Fun!

September9, 2017
by Michelle Stodola
    We had an awesome first week of school! I am so excited to get to work with all of your kiddos again! I’m going to send weekly emails detailing what we’ve done during the week including any pictures that I’ve remembered to take. This week we’ve mainly focused on practicing our classroom rules and procedures as well as getting accustomed to working with the fourth graders.
    During our literacy block we practiced reading alone and in partners as well as took a writing sample. We even ended our first day together making smores because what would a camping themed classroom be without a chance to make some smores. However instead of just eating them, I had the students sequence how Ms. Stodola was to make them for them to eat. Let me tell you we learned ALOT about specifying the sizes of the items that they wanted, location of them, and if they even wanted the marshmallow heated. Most of their first tries were random pieces/chunks of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers somewhat sequenced or simply placed on the plate. We hopefully learned a lot about the importance of being specific and detailed in our writing. A fun writing activity at home is to have your child sequence how to make their lunch if it’s a  pb&j or turkey or even a special treat after dinner like a sundae. 😊
    Also during our literacy block we practiced making predictions in stories. I got out my “crystal ball” and told each of the kids their futures. We then talked about things we couldn’t do before we started school like read, add/subtract in math, write/spell and how we learned to do them. We realized that with everything we’ve ever learned so far, we did it by practicing and trying. We then came up with an idea of what we each personally want to work on throughout the year that we may not be good at yet but we will be able to do better when we practice and try. Ask your child what they wished to get better at. Many ideas were with being able to write cursive and with getting better at our multiplication math facts.
    Finally, we ended the week on a Stem challenge. I challenged the students this week on trying to save our friend Fred, the worm, from drowning when his boat capsized. One group figured it out right away and the other two soon got it. Ask your child all about it.
Have a wonderful week!
Third Grade

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