First Full Week in a Long Time!!

March18, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

We finally had a full week of school! Some important things to know for this week: Monday is swimming so remember to have your child bring thier suit, and Friday is Grandparents’ Day and Shadow Stations. Shadow Stations is a beautiful way to experience Christ’s Passion. It is an amazing reenactment put on by the fourth graders. You don’t want to miss it!

In the Silver Knights this week we finished up Judy Moody Saves the World by playing a fun game of kahoot and taking our quiz. We then moved on to learning about fairy tales. We talked about the common story elements of fairy tales such how they start with “Once upon a time,” have good characters vs. evil ones, and how they usually have talking animals and magic. As the students read the fairy tales they have to complete a sheet that requires them to practice their comprehension skills by either comparing and contrasting stories, sequencing them, or retelling them through identifying their characters, setting, and plot. The main focus of this unit is to reinforce how FUN reading is especially the hilarious fractured fairy tales and to help us remember key vocabulary when  retelling stories. For vocab this week, we are reviewing all of the genres (such as historical fiction, science fiction, biography, etc.) and we will be connecting them to many of the past stories that we’ve read together so far. They love acting out possible book ideas with the many props I have around the room 🙂 For writing we are working on either retelling a favorite fairy tale or writing our own fairy tale. They will start editing their stories into books and illustrating their pages this week.

In math we worked on fractions in word problems and will be continuing to identify equivalent fractions with a focus on identifying 1/2s, 1 whole, and 2 whole. We are also reviewing area, which is the space inside of a shape, by measuring rectangles and squares to the nearest inch and centimeter. I also practiced giving them the area and had them try to figure out all of the possible paired sides a rectangle could have. They did very well! Keep practicing those facts! We will be having an ice cream party at the end of April with each part of the sundae given out (including the bowl and spoon) for each fact they’ve mastered. Ask your child which facts they still need and help them practice with a game of war or find some time for them to practice math facts on mobymax. If they’ve mastered them all, then they can either start mastering their division facts or begin working on two-digit by one-digit multiplication which they’ve started practicing already in class.

In social studies this week we learned about European explorers. We read a book about Christopher Columbus, one of the first explorers to the Americas, and learned that he needed to get money from Spain in order to go on his voyage. We also learned that the reason that Native Americans were called Indians was because Columbus thought that he had landed in India rather then the Americas. The kids thought that was crazy! We also read about Leif Erikson, a viking, who was the first European to travel to the Americas back in 999. We each built a viking ship to remind us that explorers generally go across water on boats to find new land, money, resources, and, for some, to spread the word of God. The important words that that the students will be required to know are European, explorer, voyage, sponsor, motivation, and achievement. We made a little flip book with the definitions and a picture of each to help us remember these tricky terms. This week the students will each pick a European explorer to research. It should be a lot of fun!

In religion, we talked about how our Lenten sacrifices were going and how hard it can be to stay strong for 40 days. We then made tissue paper crosses to help remind us of the sacrifice God gave to us and to remember  that He loves us all so much. We also read the story The Jelly Donut Difference and made pledges to ourselves of the kind of person we want to be in- and outside of the classroom. This week, and when we get back from spring break, we are going to give kindness shout outs to each other when we see our friends being kind, thankful, sharing, helping others, etc. We will then decorate our door with “sprinkles” of kindness when we’ve seen or experienced others do these things to remind us how kindness can be seen in all of us. I hope we can put up at least 7 new sprinkles each day. How awesome would that be!

Have a wonderful week,

Shelly Stodola

Third Grade

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