February 26 to March 2

March4, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

In the Silver Knights we read a chapter from  Ramona Quimby, Age 8. In it Ramona and her sister make dinner for their parents after complaining about the food that they had to eat the night before. We practiced identifying Ramona’s character traits and discussed why she acted the way that she did. We also practiced comparing and contrasting  after watching a television episode of Ramona Quimby called The Mystery Meal. We got better at our retelling skills by interviewing each other and acting like we were one of the Quimby sisters. We also practiced past, present, and future tense verbs through charades and acting like gypsies that could see into the future. Finally, we finished writing up our informational pieces on a natural wonder or landmark of our interest.

In math we worked on estimating and subtraction with regrouping. We have gotten really good at both and played a game of kahoot to keep it fun. Let the kiddos show you their skills by giving them a subtraction problem in either the hundreds or the thousands!

In science we finished up typing up our solar system reports on our planets. We also went on a scavenger hunt around the second floor to learn a few more fun facts about our solar system and created a cootie catcher t o share with others all that we’ve been learning. We also started working on coding this week. Coding is designing the controls in an app, game, or program to move in a certain way. We completed the Hour of Coding program online where the students had to follow a set of directions to manipulate characters in various scenarios around the screen. They then practiced manipulating the controls for a character on mine craft. Coding is an amazing tool to help your child get ready for the world we live in – with website design, computer engineering, and software development. You can try it at home using code.org.

In religion we continued talking about the Eucharist and how it is the true body and blood of Jesus Christ. We also  talked about the process of the regular wine and bread being transferred into the body and blood of Christ through transubstantiation. In order for it to happen, however, a priest must consecrate it which is why when a Father isn’t present at Mass we only have Liturgy of the Word.

Finally, Assumption BVM auction is this Saturday. Come support our school and enjoy the fun, food, and festivities! We would love to see you there!

Have a wonderful week,

Shelly Stodola

Third Grade

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