Concert Week!

December17, 2017
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

We made it to the final week before Christmas break and we’re still going strong. Can you believe it! We had a great week filled with elf missions, the word of the month and all school run, and music galore. The kiddos all did a fantastic job at the Christmas concert and hopefully learned a little more about the true meaning of Christmas. This will be my last long update before the Christmas break because next week we will be focusing on reviewing all of the skills we’ve learned so far, but with a Christmas theme. I will be adding little updates on the blog, however, so check it out to see the fun activities and crafts we will be working on throughout the week.

In the Silver Knights we read the story Young Thomas Edison where we learned all about Thomas Edison’s upbringing and how he learned to keep questioning the world around him which led him to create all of his wonderful inventions. It was a great story about continuing to try even when you fail because you’ll never know what that failure might end up teaching you. In grammar we practiced identifying pronouns and we learned that antecedents precede the pronoun so we know what he, she, or it a sentence is talking about. We also reviewed singular and plural nouns and practiced making sure our verbs matched our subject. The kiddos all did great at it. For writing we wrote opinions on whether Santa should continue using a sleigh or not and why including three reasons and a conclusion sentence. It was a lot of fun!

In math this week we continued learning about graphs but focused on line plots because some of the kids were pretty confused with them. We also reviewed the special math terms for 3-D shapes – face, edge, and vertex – by creating 3-D shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows. I sent a baggy of supplies home with each child so they could show you what they know about 3-D shapes and build some with you. Make sure you keep practicing those math facts at home – particularly the x8s and x9s. When they get back from break we’ll learn about the x3, x6, and x7 but you are more then welcome to get them started on them now by just practicing the count on strategy for each. So 3, 6, 9, 12, …, etc rather then a direct multiplication sentence like 3×6.

In religion, we continued decorating our advent wreath and continued reading the story of Jesus’ birth. We also talked about who our church leaders were and how they were chosen. We learned that Peter was the first Pope who was chosen by Jesus to be the rock that Jesus would build his foundation on. We also had a wonderful presentation by the first graders on our Word of the Month – witness. The first graders taught us that we are each witnesses of Jesus Christ and that the words we think of to describe Jesus (loving, forgiving, helpful, kind) we should also think of as ourselves by being living examples through our actions and words. What a great message from the first graders!

In social studies we have been learning about how different countries celebrate Christmas through read alouds and discussions, crafts, and research. So far we reviewed how Christmas is usually celebrated in the U.S. but learned that depending on where you are located  in the U.S., food may vary a lot for the holidays – from creole gumbos to sauerkraut main dishes to lumber jack pies. We also learned about Christmas in Mexico and read a wonderful story called The Legend of the Poinsettia. Ask your child about it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead,

Shelly Stodola

Third Grade

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