Bury the A______a Service

March7, 2019
by Anne Mead

Students and teachers participated in a “Bury the A______a (Don’t say the word!) Prayer Service to get ready for Lent.  Mrs. Wilinski talked about how the focus of the altar in Church and our School front hall is the Cross.  We remember what Jesus did for us and we make a commitment to be better followers of Jesus.

Every student got seeds, and they discussed what seeds need to grow — soil, water, sunlight, and to take care of them.  Similarly, the “seed” in each person’s heart has the potential to grow with good actions.  Some of the ways students shared include:  doing chores around the house, not fighting with siblings, doing things right away when asked, and helping others in school.

As we travel on our Lenten Journey, “May the God who cherishes each and every one of us help us to be holy in everything we do, and help us to grow in love.  We ask our prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  AMEN.”



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