Bury the A_______ Service (It’s Lent, so we can’t say the word.)

March6, 2017
by Anne Mead

On Tuesday, February 28th, Mrs. Wilinski held a special “Bury the A_______” service in Church with the students and teachers.  The 5th Grade class led the procession to the altar, with the boys carrying the banners and the girls playing instruments and singing.  We bury the joyful word so we can be serious and prepare our hearts for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Mrs. Wilinski talked about how Lent is a time when we turn to God and try to become more like Him.  We focus on the cross and what Jesus did for us because He loves us so much.  She and the students discussed how when you wear a soccer uniform, it means you are part of the soccer team.  She then connected it by saying when we wear ashes at the beginning of Lent, it shows that we are on Jesus’ team.  Mrs. Wilinski and the students talked about how we can be part of the team by fasting, praying, and almsgiving.

The “A_______” banners, and the streamers the students and teachers used, were then buried in a treasure chest.  You will notice it on display in the front hall of school.  Also on display is the cross to remind us of the supreme sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.  There is also a jar labeled “Share Your Change to Make a Change.”  Mrs. Wilinski reminded everyone of the service project the students and teachers did during National Catholic Schools Week, filling socks with treats to give to St. John’s Homeless Shelter.  During Lent, students are encouraged to bring in some of their birthday money or tooth fairy money and put it in the jar.  The money collected during Lent will be given to St. John’s Homeless Shelter.

Students were given a wooden coin with a Cross on it to carry in their pockets during the 40 days of Lent, as well as a “Cross in My Pocket” prayer card to say.

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