Brooke Gonnering

Mrs. Brooke Gonnering, Kindergarten Teacher

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Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Gonnering

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Hello Everyone! My name is Mrs. Brooke Gonnering and I am the Kindergarten teacher here at Assumption BVM School. I graduated college from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in 2010 with my degree in Elementary Education. Before college, I grew up here in Pulaski and graduated from Pulaski High School. Although I currently live in Green Bay with my husband, it is nice to come back to teach in the town where I grew up. Jon and I were married in October. Together, we love to spend time outdoors and go fishing. I always try to catch more fish than he does. I especially enjoy when we go up north to my in-laws’ cottage. While up north, I like to go fishing on many different lakes, go for boat rides, and relax by the bonfire. When I can’t be outdoors, I love to express my creativity through do-it-yourself projects, flea market finds or restorations, and decorating. My favorite food is pasta. I like the color pink because it is bright and cheerful. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Assumption BVM family.

God Bless

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