Box Tops – Drum Roll Please……

June2, 2017
by Anne Mead

During the 2016-17 school year, we had four Box Tops Challenges.  The first three challenges were “battles between the grades” to see who could collect the most Box Tops in a selected month.  Different prizes were awarded to the class who collected the most.

The fourth and final challenge of the year was for all grades to work together and collect 2,500 Box Tops by the end of May.  Not only did they meet their goal, they exceeded it.  The final count on Wednesday, May 31 was 2,627 Box Tops!  Thank you to everyone – school families, extended families, parish members, and friends – who helped us meet our goal.  We appreciate your support.


  • This year, our school raised $1,347.00.
  • Each Box Top is worth $.10, so that is 13,470 collected.
  • The money earned paid for all of this year’s field trips – Awesome!

Please keep saving over the summer.  Click on the following link to see a list of participating products, then check your cupboards.


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