April showers bring…more and more snow!

April22, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

Despite the crazy beginning of our week with Blizzard Evelyn we managed to get a lot accomplished! Remember for those celebrating their first communion this weekend we will be having First Communion practice at 8:30 within the church. I’m excited to see each of you there and to be at Mass on your child’s special day!

In knight time we read the story A Tree is Growing. It was a nonfictional story about the life cycle of trees and how we can identify different ones when out in nature. We learned a lot of fascinating things about them like how they grow taller from the top which means that if you cut a special note or message into a tree, it will remain at that height forever. Crazy! We also worked on the be helping verb and how to figure out when to use am vs. is, was vs. were, etc. For writing we practiced creating solutions to our real-world problems. The students each wrote up a solution for what we should do when it’s raining outside and we have indoor recess. We talked about how when writing a solution to a problem we have to think of what a majority would want and create reasons that would convince our reader to agree with us.

In math we continued on working with numbers in the 10,000s by rounding them to the nearest 10s and 100s digit. We also worked on our money skills by adding coins to determine their amount and subtracting the money we have from the money that an item costs. Finally we finished the week with a math review snowball fight. It was full of fun and learning!

In social studies this week we have been reviewing the continents and oceans. Each of the students picked one of the continents to research and learned about its languages spoken, religions celebrated, crops/animals that grow there, interesting facts, etc. They will be putting their findings together this week and decorating their continent with some of the many things that make it unique. They will also be writing postcards as if they’ve visited their given continent telling the class the major things they’ve learned about it.

In religion we have reviewed the virtues with a focus on faith, hope, and charity (love). We did a carousel around the room writing down all of our thoughts about what each word meant and examples of it. We then talked about how God has given us each a vocation, or a job that God has given us, to live out these virtues and spread them throughout the world. The students have been doing awesome with the virtues this quarter and are continuing to put up “sprinkles” of kindness that they show or see each day onto our classroom door. I am very proud of each of your children for how they are growing academically but also how positive and supportive they are with each other.

I hope you all get outside this week to enjoy the amazing weather! As always if you have any questions or concerns please let me know, I would be happy to discuss them with you.


Third Grade

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