April 23 to April 27

April28, 2018
by Michelle Stodola

Hi Parents,

This week in Knight time we read a play called Two Bear Cubs. It was about two brother bears that get lost day while out picking berries and fall asleep on a rock. They later wake up to find out that the rock they fell asleep on turned into a mountain. Ask your child about what happened next and what they think the theme (or message) of the story might have been. On Friday students got into groups of three and acted out one of the scenes from the story. They did a wonderful job! For grammar we practiced irregular verbs and we learned a few new prefixes (pre, re, and bi). In writing we continued writing problem and solutions with this weeks topic being what problems do we see at ABVM and what solution could we create for it. The kiddos did great coming up with different solutions for issues found at any school.

In math this week we reviewed capacities (cups, pints, quarts, and gallons) by creating gallon man and giving each other conversion problems. We then worked on determining whether word problems were asking about capacity, length, or mass, then solved word problems based on each of the categories. This was pretty tricky for all of them especially when it came to determining the total amounts from fractions. We will be continuing to master word problems of varying difficulties next week. Also, we enjoyed an ice cream party for mastering our math facts! Yummy!

In social studies we started writing up our research into a postcard format. I had each student act as if they visited their continent and write up a short informational piece to the class about what they’ve seen and experienced there. We haven’t finished typing them yet, but they will be finished on Monday!

In religion we focused on learning about the word of the month: obedience. Third and fourth graders led the school on Friday with the word of the month. To prepare for it, I had the students carousel around the room writing down their ideas about a question written on a poster. The questions that I had the kiddos think about were

What does obedience look like?

Why does God want us to be obedient?

Where in the Bible does God tell us to be obedient?

The kiddos did great coming up with ideas for each question. We overall determined that God wants us to be obedient because he loves us. He blessed us with parents because they love us and want to protect us, keep us safe, and help us stay happy. We then made posters by tracing our feet to remind us that when we are obedient we are walking in Jesus’ footsteps and wrote down how we can be obedient to God and how we can be obedient to our parents. I also snuck in there how to be obedient at school and with your teachers because it’s that time of year that they need that reminder too 🙂 We also led church this week and they did a FANTASTIC job! I am so proud of all of their hard work!

Just a reminder our interest fair is on Friday. Please help your child get a head start on it with ideas and motivation to start working on it. If they need classroom time or supplies let me know and I’ll figure out some time we can fit it in here at school.  Also if you would like to chaperone at our end of the year field trip, let me know. We would be happy to have you come along and enjoy the special day!

Thanks and have a very blessed weekend,


Third Grade

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