Advent Prayer Service

November29, 2016
by Anne Mead


Students and staff gathered in our front school entrance for a prayer service to welcome the beginning of Advent.  The season of Advent is a time when we wait for the coming of Jesus.  We remember the time long ago when Jesus was born.  We remember that Jesus lives today, in our hearts and in our world.  We remember that Jesus will come again.

The Advent wreath is used as a symbol of our waiting for Jesus.  The four candles on the wreath help us to mark the four weeks of Advent, symbolizing the hundreds of years the Hebrew people waited for the Savior to be born.

Mrs. Wilinski invited the students to be “Advent Angels” – each student would pick the name of a classmate, then pray for them or secretly do a random act of kindness for them during Advent.

“By day and by night, and through every season, you watch over us, Lord.  We praise you for this Advent wreath.  By its light, we wait patiently for your Son.  All glory be yours, now and forever.  AMEN.”


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