5th Grade Students Promoted

June9, 2017
by Anne Mead

Assumption BVM School held a Prayer Service and Promotion Ceremony on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  As we say goodbye to our 5th Grade students, it is wonderful to see how far they have come, and yet it is sad to see them leave.  Their class really developed as a cohesive team who were very supportive of each other.  In addition to the photos from the promotion ceremony, I also included two pictures (one serious and one fun) of the group with the cross they built.  5th Grade teacher Mr. Robaidek builds a cross with his class at the beginning of each school year.  During Lent, they take turns carrying the cross to get a small perspective of what Jesus’ life was like.

Also promoted but not pictured is Zachary Valeria, who was unable to be there on Tuesday.  He is in the group photos with the cross.

Best wishes and God Bless to all our new 6th Grade students as they take the next step of their school career.

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