3rd Annual Walk-a-Thon

May10, 2018
by Anne Mead

We were blessed with another beautiful day for our 3rd Annual Walk-a-Thon.  God is good All the time!

Thank you to Paula Valeria for getting the bracelets and flashlights to go along with our Prayer station, Jenny Rybicki and Kelly Runge for handing out flashlights at the Prayer station, Deacon Dennis Majewski for leading us in prayer, Jennifer Balthazor and her mom for distributing water at our second station, and Janice Robaidek and Carrie Mihalski for getting the “Freezy Pops” treats ready for our return to school.

Thank you to all those who were able to join us for the walk, and to everyone who pledged our students with a donation.  We appreciate your generosity!


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