November30, 2016
by Jay Robaidek

Science- Disease/Condition Project

Students keep working toward your project by researching to answer the questions we designed in the beginning. If you are having trouble remembering the questions go to seesaw and look up the posts. R

Fifth Grade, Homework

November29, 2016
by Anne Mead

Advent Prayer Service

  Students and staff gathered in our front school entrance for a prayer service to welcome the beginning of Advent. The season of Advent is a time when we wait for the coming of Jesus. We remembe


November28, 2016
by Anne Mead

The Blessed Virgin Mary Has Arrived!

The Assumption BVM School Marketing Committee created a new logo and brand for our school, together with artist and ABVM Alum Sue Simoens (Schuh), and window etcher and ABVM Alum Kevin Adams. This win