2016 Animal’s View of Christmas Concert

December23, 2016
by Cindy Ludtke

2016 Christmas concert of Animals

A Big Parade of Animals!

Was the theme of the 2016 Holiday Concert at Assumption.B.V.M.

The program was arranged with all kinds of animals telling the story of the birth of Jesus Christ by music director Cindy Ludtke.

The preschool dressed as reindeer and sang reindeer songs and a song about wanting a hippopotamus for Christmas. The rest of the program began with God’s creation of animals by the kindergarten class and continued with the Just-Dance selection of “What does the fox say” by grades one and two all dressed as matching costume camels. They also danced as camels to the tune of “We three Kings”. Grade three came in as “A place in the choir” group of stable themed animals. They sang many solos in the song “The Friendly Beasts”. Grade four came on singing as colorful boy shepherds guarding their girl classmates dressed as sheep. Grade five weaved the show together as narrators, angels, shepherds, wise men, and the stars of the program Jesus’ parents Mary and Joseph.

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