2014 Spring Concert – Music through the Decades

May28, 2014
by Assumption BVM

The Assumption B.V.M. school hosted it’s annual spring musical directed by Cindy Ludtke.  A review of the decades from 1900 to the present was displayed.  There was a magic phone from the 1940’s on stage.  Our own principal, Deanne Wilinski found that it would ring into the future.  As she rang the phone, selected students on the stage answered it.  They were dressed and sang from each decade and told her what was going on in music and the world at that time.  The Kindergarten were dressed from the 1900’s to the 1940’s.  They sang “Singing in the Rain” and the “Charleston”. Three 5th grade students sang as the 1940’s Andrew sisters (like  most of the costumes, these were authentic 40’s dresses worn by the director’s mother in the 40’s). Grades 2/3 had a guest appearance from Elvis and the Phonz.  They did some awesome 50’s dancing at the hop!  Grade One were from the 60’s.  The Beatles were in town along with the Monkees!  William Murphy from Grade 5 sang and dressed the part of Elton John, danced the moon dance like Michael Jackson, and played a ragtime piece on the piano. That just named one of the students and gives some insight to how talented the students are!  Even Sonny and Cher, John Denver, and John Travolta were there to entertain!  The fourth grade did a little Footloose dancing and we found that the “Girls just wanna have Fun”.  The show ended with a smash show of the VOICE performed by the staff!!! 

The students were fortunate to have the music room filled with old phonographs, stereos, albums, 45’s 8-track tapes.  They even talked about party lines and dialed their phone number on a rotary phone!  It was a great visual and audio trip through the 1900’s.

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